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Skinny Lister is a five piece folk act based in London, UK. Started in 2009, the band have released three singles to date 'Plough & Orion', 'December' and 'Kite Song' along with two EP's: 'Grand Union EP' which was recorded on a canal boat as they toured down the Grand Union Canal network and the 'Homemade Tour EP' recorded at friends and family residences as the band toured their hometowns. The band come from all over England (Dan Heptinstall is from Bridlington, Sam Brace is from Hastings, Dan Gray from Newcastle and Lorna and Max hail from Leicestershire). Skinny Lister have recorded a debut album which is in the final stages of production and will release on Sunday Best Recordings label early 2012. Skinny Lister are scheduled to appear at SxSW in Austin, Texas March 2012. The band are managed by Paul Carey of The Music Management and live bookings are looked after by Coda . Skinny Lister have recently signed an investment deal with Imperial Music. Skinny Lister won the title of 'Hardest Working Band in Britain' after being named band who had most festival appearances in 2011 by PRS.