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The Pop Punk Revolution Tour has arrived! A tribute to the well renowned Pop Disaster Tour back in 2002 which featured Blink 182, Green Day and Jimmy Eat World. Jimmy Ate World A homage to the cult emo rock band who managed to find their way into everyone’s CD collection back in the noughties. Are you listening? You better be ready for the classics and your album favourites! Warning - A Tribute To Green Day There isn’t a pop punk fan in the world that can’t sing you a Green Day song and with this set ready to blow your socks off, you can guarantee there will be huge hits coming at you left, right and centre! With this talented bunch performing it, there will be no one walking away with doubts that this is the best Green Day Tribute in the UK. The Blink 182 Show You know the songs, you know the band, but you will not be prepared for what this band will produce. This high energy, mind blowing set will take you back to when Blink 182 were at their peak. Get out your three quarter lengths and your socks up, because these boys are going to have you talking about them until the next time you see them. They are in huge demand with the venue crowds they’ve already left wanting more.